Justin Franks
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Hi, I'm

Justin Franks

Social Entrepreneur | Web Developer |
Cooperative Advocate

A Michigan transplant in DC — helping small businesses and entrepreneurs define their digital presence.

I offer highly tailored digital services around unique customer needs, including web design, workflow automation, and digital strategy.

ProgressiveDC LLC
dba CrowdWork

My business provides turnkey digital services, training workshops, and business development support, empowering business owners to leverage technology to engage and grow their audiences – both online and offline.

From a larger perspective, CrowdWork‘s mission is to bridge the digital divide by increasing the purchasing power, back office capacity, and digital presence of gig workers, small businesses, and community groups — particularly those under-represented — in a cooperative environment.

My Story

My worldview is informed by systems thinking, and extensive research in international political economy, digital network technologies, and alternative business models.

I’m resourceful, curious, and socially aware – with a passion for collaboration through creative digital media.

Works in Progress

Multi-Purpose Business Listings

User Generated Content Mapping Engine

Online Cooperative Platform as a Service

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CrowdWork (LLC)

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(LCA pending)


Fall 2019 Resident


Active Member/
Digital Services
DC Cooperative
Stakeholders Group
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