Justin Franks
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Hi, I'm

Justin Franks

Social Entrepreneur | Web Developer |
Cooperative Advocate

I’m a Michigan transplant in DC since 2012 — helping small businesses and entrepreneurs define their digital presence.

I help local businesses, entrepreneurs, and community groups leverage technological change to connect with their audiences.

ProgressiveDC, LLC

Connect local talent to meet the growing global market demand for digital services. I prioritize supporting market access and growth within the DC area economy through cooperative economics and non-partisan solutions to systems change.

Founding Member,
CrowdWork.Coop, LCA

Limited Cooperative Association

Incorporated June 2020

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I lead product development in our Co-OS platform sandbox, generating workforce and business development opportunities to programmatize into working group projects.

I believe in restructuring the way we interact within our market-based economy to form more resilient networks that broaden wealth generation at the local level, reframing the false options between worker and owner.

co-designing digital infrastructure that has the capability to scale a local economy to self-sufficiency.

Implementing dynamic organizational and technical structures that foster constructive civic engagement.

My Story

My worldview is informed by systems thinking, and extensive research in international political economy, digital network technologies, and alternative business models.

I’m resourceful, curious, and socially aware – with a passion for collaboration through creative digital media.

My IT Sandboxes

Aside from my web and marketing work for clients and partners, I’m prototyping some shared server environments – or sandboxes – for local talent pool to engage idle skillsets in a collaborative and equitable space – launchpads for generating economic opportunities.

The cooperative framework we are scaffolding for crowdwork.coop is platform agnostic. We leverage existing and new technologies to build platforms with a shared underlying purpose. Technology is to the co-op as much as one organ is to an organism.

These projects serve to increase the digital connectivity and presence of stakeholders investing in our future economy.

Multi-Purpose Public Listings

User Generated Content / GIS Directory

Build Your Own Platform

Crowdfunding for Co-ops


Residency Alumni


Digital Services and Co-Organizer
DC Cooperative
Stakeholders Group

Founding Member

Growth Circle Member / Partner
Governance Alive

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