NorthRock Solutions

Developed as a co-op by and for community mental health centers, NorthRock Solutions provides stakeholders day-to-day pharmacy operations, licensing, contracting, facilities, HR and personnel management, purchasing, and billing.

Through a 50/50 ownership model, each pharmacy partner benefits from shared dividends and has an equal say in oversight and direction-setting for the business.

CrowdWork.Coop LCA

Maximizing trust and equity in the new economy by creating spaces to flourish.

American Management Corporation

AMC actively monitors and reports on evolving political developments from the DC Council, the Mayor’s Office, and District government agencies – tailoring this information so that it is relevant to client concerns.

Incite Consulting Solutions

Incite Consulting Solutions, has more than twenty years experience in alliance and business development, non-profit/association management, community engagement, and leadership development. Having worked with organizations across the healthcare sector – with state/federal government agencies, non-profits, industry, hospitals and health systems, and community organizations, Incite Consulting utilizes this multi-disciplinary experience to operationalize ideas, make connections and incite change.

DC Limited Equity Housing Task Force

The District of Columbia Limited Equity Cooperative (LEC) Task Force was established in 2019 to bolster efforts towards stable affordable housing options for District residents faced with rapidly escalating housing costs. To date, this project has been funded through the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) by a donation from Capital Impact Partners for the initial site’s development, and from the National Cooperative Bank (NCB) to enhance the site to include an interactive map of existing DC housing co-ops.

Alliance for Regional Cooperation

Formed to work with Washington, DC Metro area businesses, consumers, and social enterprises to make them more aware of the benefits of engaging in explicitly regional economic activity.


Join other Cooperators to support the USPS
Add your signature to the letter to the US Senate
Show your support for postal workers

Logbook Platform

CrowrdWork.Coop management app

Gig Work/Service Exchange/Task Management Platform

Co-OS “cooperative workforce capacity engine”


Fundraising utility to help co-op businesses and projects in the DC region gain access to capital and marketing services, allowing for added donations to further campaigns and platform development.

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