The labor market doesn’t have a ‘skills gap’—it has an opportunity gap

“Instead of focusing on the skills gap, we argue that it’s time to focus on closing the opportunity gap—not only for the benefit of individuals who have been shut out of the labor market, but for society as a whole. Cultivating and investing in diverse talent can unleash regional innovation, economic growth, and community well-being.” […]

Quadratic Crowdfunding

Here’s a show for you… Episode 50: Gitcoin, Quadratic Funding, and how Crypto can sustain Open Source Sustain 20:00 – Quadratic Funding Optimal way of democratically funding public goods Matching Sponsor funding pools for campaigns based on X Matching funds based on number of contributors not amount of contributions

Cooperative Design: How Co-ops Center Their Members to Build Better Products, Faster “As we can see with Stocksy and Loomio, their future is enabled by embracing a more functional role for members as leaders. Members can propose new ways to be served if leadership can trust the process, and members can advance the overall business if leadership includes them in strategy conversations that might feel risky […]

Delaware Electric Cooperative’s Performance Portal Brings System Awareness “Advanced metering infrastructure and other smart systems have dramatically increased the data available to cooperative managers, but without the structure that allows them to make sense of that data, to see what it reveals about their system, it has little value.” #dataviz #coopdev #bizdev #gocoop #systemsdesign

Don Goodman-Wilson “Open Source is Broken” “What does a people-centric collaborative software development model look like? I’d like to explore some basic properties that such a model ought to have, as a starting place for building new institutions to support productive, non-exploitative software development.”

My Recommended Podcasts

A podcast about tech and society, hosted by Ben Thompson and James Allworth Ben and James discuss how the Internet’s impact will be like the printing press’s, and what that means for how we should think about Facebook. The Internet and the Third Estate — Stratechery Ben Thompson: Zuckerberg’s Speech, Facebook Versus China, The Structure […]