FWD: 130 – How to Price Your Work — with Tom Hirst The Futur with Chris Do

When it comes to talking about money, a lot of creative folk tend to get uncomfortable. Many of us believe that the work should speak for itself. And that the cost of something correlates with how long it takes to produce.

But that’s not always true.

There are plenty of ways to bill for your work. Hourly, daily, fixed price, value-based, and retainer. There’s even the good old barter system.

Which way is the best? And is it fair and ethical to not bill for the time you spend on something?

If these are questions you struggle with answering, then you are in the right place.

Our guest, Tom Hirst, is a freelance web developer, author, and mentor. Beyond building custom websites, his specialty is pricing. How to think about it and how to talk about it with your clients.

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