Re: Wix, WordPress, and the future of content ownership (draft)

“Unfortunately, Wix is lacking one very important feature for catering to “professional needs” – data portability. When asked for his thoughts on the campaign, Mullenweg added that Wix is the only CMS in the world that doesn’t allow export – even Facebook does. The Wix support center states: ‘Your Wix site and all of its content is hosted exclusively… Continue reading Re: Wix, WordPress, and the future of content ownership (draft)

The economics of geography (draft)

Coming soon…

Entrepreneurship in the public interest (draft)

Here’s a show for you… Mariana Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Private vs. Public Sector Myths Long Now: Seminars About Long-term Thinking Our current market economy has socialized the risk and privatized rewards

New Business Applications DC – Census Data Visualization

Takeaway – Sharp increase in new businesses formed starting April 2020, or about two months into Covid-19

Political Economy research notes (draft)

Less is More: How Degrowth will Save the World by Jason Hickel

(William Heinemann Publishing, 2020)

“Growth is the centrepiece of capitalism. Without growth, capitalism cannot exist. It has historically relied on “fixes” such as enclosures, colonization, the destruction of nature, neoliberalism and the exploitation of the global South. Developed Northern economies have a historical debt to Southern ones.

Degrowth will not make our living standards worse. Actually, it will make them better. By forcing us to refocus from growth to distribution, we will realize that it has not been growth that has given us higher living standards. In fact it has been capitalism that has created artificial shortages, to force us to partake.”

How to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts

Coming Soon… (Hint: it’s not by pageviews)

My Personal Investing Notes

Several people have asked me about investing recently, and it prompted me to dig up a list of tips and takeaways I had compiled for myself and eventually more shareable formats to add with many others. I was deep into my personal quest for building on my financial literacy – that I was lucky to… Continue reading My Personal Investing Notes

How to stop email from going to spam folders

Stop your emails from landing in your customer’s Spam To avoid being flagged as spam, you need to prove your email isn’t forged. On a custom domain, its up to YOU to set that up: Ensure you are using the correct SMTP server with authentication – the correct SMTP server is the one defined by… Continue reading How to stop email from going to spam folders

Understanding co-ops through analogies – Draft

Living in a Group House The experience of a house or community can change very quickly when people move out or move in, especially when the house or community uses consent-based decision-making or cooperative governance processes. This makes sense, as the idea of a cooperative is that it is driven and owned by its members,… Continue reading Understanding co-ops through analogies – Draft

FWD: Choices on money: entrepreneurship and youth aspirations in Tanzania

“The general framework that informs youth entrepreneurship programs posits that the lack of capital, skills, business knowledge and poor policy framework explains, to a larger extent, why business ventures are not successful among youth living in poverty. However, this research indicates that family dynamics, youth aspirations, belief systems, and nature of interventions programs are factors… Continue reading FWD: Choices on money: entrepreneurship and youth aspirations in Tanzania

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