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CrowdWork’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by increasing the purchasing power and digital presence of underserved local gig workers, small businesses, and community groups in a cooperative environment.

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Lead the crowd by learning how to use the dozens of free plugins, features, and tools included with your free account.

CrowdWork Platform

Turnkey Website Creation

Start Creating Your Own Custom Website in 5 Clicks.

Step 1

One-click account registration with Google or LinkedIn

Step 2

Instantly login to the main dashboard and select
'Click Here'

Step 3

Fill out the form to claim your free subdomain.
(Custom domain mapping supported)

Step 4

Click the activation link via your confirmation email.

Step 5

That's it! Select 'Edit Homepage' to begin creating your new website.

Custom Domain Mapping

Already have a site or want your own website domain?

No problem! We will map your existing or new domain name to your new site on the CrowdWork network so you can take advantage of all the co-op benefits the platform has to offer.

Passwordless Login

Finally say goodbye to passwords…

The CrowdWork platform offers a simple yet more secure solution to accessing your accounts.

Passwordless platforms actually provide more security than conventional password authentication!

Cooperative Development

Join or create a project with other members on the platform.

Design and manage your own website and business from one highly customizable shared dashboard.

Personal Marketplace

Sell your services to your existing clients utilizing the platform’s built in customer relationship management tools.

Includes – Client Order Intake, Invoicing, Secure Payments, and customizable dashboards.

CrowdWork Co-op

Become an Early Adopter

The first 50 people to join the platform get free access to all premium benefits for ONE FULL YEAR!

Membership Benefits

Become a CrowdWork member and take advantage of these exclusive co-op benefits

Instant Local Banking

Our co-op provides streamlines banking solutions for under-banked gig workers and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

As members of DC Credit Union, we provide an easy pathway for DC metro area businesses to procure the services and talents of local entrepreneurs — thereby increasing the churn of dollars reinvested back into the greater local economy.

Instant Business Licensing

It’s time to cut the red tape.

By offering business licensing under the CrowdWork umbrella, the platform reduces legal and administrative barriers to entry for entrepreneurs.

Referral Commissions

Earn a commission (finder’s fee) on every referral you make that leads to a new CrowdWork member, customer, or project opportunity for anyone in the network.

Get paid accordingly for growing the network.

Buyers Clubs

Join a buyers club and lower the costs of your subscription services.

Is a subscription you want not on the list? Add a new pool! As more members join each pool, the overall cost per person decreases.


On-Demand Local Talent

The FutureFirst freelance platform offers local tech talent to hire for any of your business’s digital needs.

Learn more and see how you can get involved at the link below.

Government Contracts

As members of the Dream Factory Cooperative DC, CrowdWork members also have access to becoming co-owners of Dream Factory — therefore, immediately inheriting any certifications the co-op already holds.

Submit your capability statement on the website.

Subscribe to a membership plan, or invest in non-voting shares to help grow the platform co-op.

More Reasons to Join Our Network

Why a Co-op?

Contributions to a community or organization should be equitably rewarded for the value they provide.

As a cooperative organization, CrowdWork better ensures that trust, equity, ownership, and the public interest are at the core of the platform.

Every member within our network is incentivized to engage with others in their own ways, and exchange value as they choose. We support local resiliency by reducing the need for external dependencies and intermediaries for the services we need most.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or partner? We'd love to hear from you.

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Customer Reviews

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

"The CrowdWork [co-op] platform changes the game for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create their web presence."
Melisa Dawshon
Content Writer
"My colleague and I were looking for a simple customizable solution to build out a site for our new project. CrowdWork delivered!"
Melisa Dawshon
Content Writer
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